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TV & Film

A wind tunnel is the perfect choice when filming actors skydiving. It’s as realistic as it gets, so the audience will never know it wasn’t real

Highly skilled skydivers can be at your disposal at the studio or on location

The Peryton wind tunnel is perfect for this role as it’s the largest outdoor wind tunnel in the world with a 6m x 3.5 m flying area

We can also provide our Fly-4-Real wind tunnel that is easily moved to a location of your choice, this is ideal for training when working to tight filming schedule

We can organise your skydiving stunts for real. Check our our IMDB profile

Some of our film credits include Mission Impossible x 3 films, James Bond x 3 films, Tomb Raider, Black Widow, Infinite, Citadel, Strike Back, Blind Spot, The Kingsman, Saving Private Ryan & The Borrowers etc