UK's first Mobile skydiving simulator!

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Whether you’re a seasoned skydiver or just itching to feel the rush of free fall, our skydiving simulator is the perfect safe haven for a fun day out.

If you’re all about capturing those Insta-worthy moments and living life on the adventurous side, come be a part of the mobile skydiving revolution.

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The feeling of freefall minus the freefall!

A skydiving simulator allows you to fly on a column of air, without a parachute. Our outdoor skydiving simulator lets you experience the addictive thrill of freefall. It’s like jumping out of a plane, minus the whole jumping-out-of-a-plane thing!

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Soar Safe

Let Fly-4-Real’s skilled instructors lead you through your flight on our outdoor skydiving simulator, allowing you to experience the thrill without any fear or risk.

Skydiving simulator in action

For ages 5 to 95

Whether you’re a beginner gearing up for a real skydive or an expert honing your tricks, this is an unforgettable experience!

Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, trained in our wind tunnel!

We provide unmatched realism when filming actors skydiving

The Peryton wind tunnel is the world’s largest outdoor tunnel (6m x 3.5m flying area)



Family Fun

Suitable for everyone, from the young at heart aged 5 to the young at heart aged 95!


Team Buildings

Reward your team for their hard work with this great team building activity. Your staff will have a blast!


Birthday Event

Searching for a fun birthday activity for you or your little one? Guaranteed giggles await!


And More

We provide amazing photos and videos of you flying with the sky in the background!

Ready to defy gravity?

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Our Experts' take

Allan Headshot

We first used the outdoor wind tunnel while training Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible Fallout. We loved it so much, we bought the wind tunnel when the film finished.

Allan Hewitt
Skydiving Coordinator
Film & TV
Ray Armstrong

I love flying in this wind tunnel, it provides the outdoor experience of flying without a parachute.

Ray Armstrong
Skydiving Stuntman

This is a terrific facility not only to train skydivers but also to allow the public to experience free fall without the risk of jumping.

Scotty Milne
Skydiving Expert / Examiner