AFF Training

Practising in a wind tunnel before embarking on skydiving, builds confidence and prevents costly re-jump prices.

  • Mastering your body flight and freefall skills beforehand ensures a smoother skydiving experience.
  • All training is provided by experienced AFF instructors  who teach you to fly with the right skydiving body possitions.
  • We teach you the art of stability,  practise deploying your parachute, 360 turns in both directions, fast and slow fall body positions, tracking and track turns as well as back loops so you can complete the full AFF course with ease.
  • A training harness is provided so you get used to all your handles.
  • We use the same hand signals that your skydiving instructor uses, so you can easily follow instructions in freefall


£350 £ 300
  • 10 minutes in the air
  • Includes video debrief
  • Perform practice pulls and emergency procedures


£504 £ 420
  • 15 minutes in the air
  • Includes video debrief
  • More time to improve your control and stability

AFF Gold

£644 £ 530
  • 20 minutes in the air
  • Includes video debrief
  • Practice turning/ forward/backward/up/down movements
Fly 4 Real can guide you through your training and prepare you for flight, before attending your skydiving course.
If you have not yet booked your skydiving course,  we can help you choose the best location and schedule, for your budget and times scales.