We are closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and relocating to Malaga – We expect to be open again in July 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Fly4Real is the first outdoor skydiving simulator in Spain, offering thrill seekers the amazing experience of free falling, in complete safety, supported by professional skydiving instructors and stuntmen. Perfect if you want to try something new, for kids wanting to fly like a superhero, or if you are training to skydive – Fly4Real offers something for everyone!

Skydiving simulators are popular throughout Europe and are really taking off here in Spain. People love them, as they are fun, addictive, get the heart racing and let you take to the skies.

We didn’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we’ve brought the very first skydiving simulator to Andalucia. It’s a very special simulator too – it offers an outdoor skydiving experience, perfect for making the most of our sunny skies and beautiful setting. Plus, it is the very same simulator that the legend Tom Cruise trained on for the movie Mission Impossible Fallout, so it has real star appeal!!

The Fly4Real Team

When you fly with us, you can relax and enjoy, knowing you are in safe hands. Our founders and instructors are all professional skydivers and stuntmen, who have worked for years in the TV and film industry, training actors how to fly, as well as running the successful skydiving company SkyDive España.

After using the wind tunnel for training students, filming and perfecting stunts, we realised that tourists, residents and trainee skydivers in Andalucia, like you, were missing out, and so we brought this wonderful outdoor simulator to the Costa del Sol in 2019.

We also have a camera installed to capture all the best moments from your flight so you can look back on your achievements.


But that’s not all, as professional skydiving instructors, we can train you in the wind tunnel and then take you to do it for real!


Come and take to the skies with Fly4Real!