Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise was the first to fly in our wind tunnel.
Allan Hewitt, Tom’s Skydiving Coordinator on Mission Impossible 6, 7 & 8, thought it was good idea to buy the wind tunnel, after filming finished.
Now you too, can enjoy this thrilling activity

Skydiving simulators have taken Europe by storm, and Fly 4 Real is leading the charge in the UK!

Our simulator recreates the freefall experience, allowing you to fly on a column of air.

Why Choose Us

Soar Like a Superhero

Experience the freedom of flight without the need for parachutes, airplanes, or wings.

Extended Thrill

Enjoy a longer flight duration compared to traditional skydiving freefall.

Adrenaline-Packed, Yet Safe

Led by experienced skydiving instructors, ensuring maximum enjoyment with complete safety.

Learn a New Skill

Your gateway to acquiring skills that could be a stepping stone to real skydiving.